Early Engineering with Ready Jet Go!


With real-life materials and exciting tools to touch and explore, engineering activities are a natural draw for many young children. In this professional development experience, we’ll look at teacher practices for engaging young children in the conversation and teamwork necessary to support their learning. Participants will: Learners will review the steps of the Engineering Design Process and discover how the series Ready Jet Go! Introduces young children to these engineering concepts, Learners will observe how a classroom teacher uses Ready Jet Go! To engage with engineering concepts and identify opportunities to apply them in their own classroom. Upon completion of this course KET will not send a certificate to ECE-TRIS, you are responsible for submitting your certificate for credit. 

Additional Info

  • Core content: Child Growth and Development
  • Delivery type: Online
  • Credit hours: 2
  • Training level: 1
  • Subject areas: Advancing children's physical and intellectual development